Camp End Road

Weybridge, Surrey

A brand new luxury detached house with a 'state of the art' specification

Built to an exceptionally high standard, this property has spacious and luxurious accomodation within this exclusive private international estate. Individually designed, this new 'high tec' family home offers the ultimate in luxurious living. The client selected the product as he felt the aesthetic appearance and the high performance of the Windows and Doors matched the "state of the art" gadgets used throughout the building.

This home of 500 sq ft and with a market value of £3.9m included seven bedrooms, three reception rooms and seven bathrooms. The classical grandeur of the front facade is enhanced by the Door entrance system framed by attractive stone ballustrading.

The two sets of French doors in the drawing room give the room a spacious and opulent feel. The crafted blemish free wood in Windows and Doors lends an air of luxury throughout.

The energy efficient systems used by is also state of the art. All products use Softcoat Low E II with argon gas filled glazing, which has several benefits including energy savings, improved comfort, reduced condensation, increased light and view, reduced fading and lower heating, ventilation and air conditioning costs. The owner was expressely happy with the outcome of this project and is now in the process of designing another luxury home built around Windows and Doors.


Building Type - Detached Luxury Home

Architect - unknown

Developer - Farouk Ali Khan

Units and Applications - Aluminium clad units with softcoat Low E II

Camp End Road

Camp End Road, Surrey

Double French Doors

Sash Window installation in kitchen

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