High Performance Sash Windows

Imagine the beautiful characteristics and charm of any traditional sash window, then imagine all of that charisma without any of the stigmas – those annoying rattles, draughts and non sliding casements of the past. Well at Simply Pure Logistics we are able to offer the perfect solution for you and your home.

Our unique and innovative sash windows can be used for both new build and refurbishment installations. For replacement the Insert window can be installed providing the framework is in good condition. If applicable there would be no requirement for the removal of the original surrounding framework. However for New Build projects, both the Insert and the Traditional Sash window can be used. Both products are available in unlimited variations of style, shape and size that can be imagined, we also offer a range of standard sized windows to suit most applications where the budget is restricted.

Whether you require bespoke shapes, sizes, custom glazing bar patterns or simply large windows, then we can help. We manufacture over 11,000 different patterns and styles, with over 4,000 standard shapes and sizes.

At SPL we understand that all our customers have set budgets to work within, regardless of the size of the project, and with this forefront in our minds we can also offer you the highest specification product available at a very competitive cost.

We offer the complete process from onsite consultation, site surveying and technical design, through to installation and aftercare service, we consider ourselves the best that money can buy.

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